Feminism has been misunderstood in a very wrong way these days. Any person who  walks by claims that they’re feminist. Why is the term feminism a cliché? Feminism is basically giving equal rights to both the sexes of the society. Eventually people misunderstand feminism with just rights implied to the women. Don’t people want women to have equal rights as men? It’s sad when you see two types of women: there’s a portion of women who want to be independent, who want to run a house on their own with their own income and then there’s another portion who will be under the influence of a man not unintentionally, but with their own consent. I agree that that’s a safe option, but is that’s​ what defines you like a women? It’s the society which has created such a nuisance on giving men the power. Maybe it was eventually a woman who stood up billions of years ago  and said that she’s weak to do any labour, past then the men started ruling the world. Woman have to go through issues in every stage of their life.

Stage 1: When the girl is born.

Giving birth to a boy in a family is such a big thing for the people whereas when it’s a girl, some even kill her when it’s inside the womb. Where does the happiness, the celebration they make when a boy is born go when the same boy gets married and leaves his parents to have a life of his own. Why do they need the girls in sorrow? Are girls just meant to give support when there’s no support at all? 

Stage 2: In-house partiality.

Why are the rules for boys and girls so different in a house? A daughter has to help her mother in the house, the son will play, create nuisance and the eventually the daughter or the mother has to clean his mess. Why can’t mother’s teach their son’s to cook? Is that wrong? Or are they just made to create mess? The son can go out have fun even in the late nights but the daughters are supposed to be at home. Why? Oh yeah obviously b’coz of rape. Silly me!!! Even when the rape happens, it’s meant to be the girl’s fault!🤔 Dafuq?  Really? Ok so the boy is safe even here. Why don’t you keep the boys at home instead? What if a girl cheats on a boy? It’s still the girl’s fault. Not only is she blamed, but also criticized to be a characterless women throughout her life. So irrespective of whatever is happening in nature is a girl’s fault. Just waiting for a day when they will blame women for global warming😂.

Stage 3: Body shaming.

Every creature on this planet are of different sizes. Why are the women criticized on their body structures? Women want to be loved irrespective of their shapes and colour. Every women is beautiful. Thank god, that  women don’t judge you on your capacity of intelligence or behaviour, ‘coz if that would happen, you would be nowhere. Rules be so different for girls of different sizes, fat girls are told to wear full length clothes covering all the parts of your body. What are you? A surprise gift? To be wrapped all over? They are criticized on being fat and been told like a 100 times on losing weight. I was a fat kid, I know the pain🤐 . It’s just not the oversized women, but even the healthy women. There’s even a problem if you’re skinny, people would keep asking you on how much you eat and stuff , keep bullying you and still won’t fail to criticize. 

Stage 4:  Education.

When it comes to the education of a girl,in some parts, they are not being educated much than the boys. Why? Du-uh! “Ladka tho khaandaan ka chiraag hai, ladki ka kya hai kal ko usko shaadi karke dusre ghar hi tho jaana hai, usko padhake kya karenge?” even now in some parts of our country, girls are told to sacrifice their education and get them married. They’ll set all their horses behind their son to become a “gentlemen”. How can anyone not educate their children for the sake of marriage?

Stage 5: Marriage.

All the girl’s have experienced this in their early life itself, when the daughter won’t help the mother, she would eventually curse her on what her future in-laws would say. Why is it that marriage is always considered to be the endpoint of a women’s life? There are things which women crave to do inspite of getting married. Women have dreams too!

Stage 6: Domestic violence.

In simple words “Pati jo bhi kare, usko sehen karo”. Whatt?? I don’t think my parents have brought me up this far to tolerate a man hitting me/torturing me for his frustration. That’s the matter of a man’s ego winning over women’s self respect. People think marital rape is a piece of shit! If the woman is married, how is it considered to be a rape? No darling, pleasuring a woman without her consent is RAPE. So if she says no, it’s a NO, not yes or maybe.

Stage 7: Motherhood.

The most precious stage of a woman’s life, yet the most bizarre. People consider labour pains in a very normal way like how they consider period pains to be. How would it feel if a penis exploded one day getting a baby out of it? Feel gross? Woman have been doing that all these years. This doesn’t stop here, after the birth of the child, we’re back to square one on the discrimination of the boy and the girl.

                  A woman’s life just moves in a circle having all these issues of ignorance, discrimination, criticism and denial. The good aspects just go away like how good days come and go. People usually blame religion on keeping the women lower in all places. Trust me, I’ve read the Bible and Quran, there’s no such phrase in the holy books which call or state women weaker. Love your daughter, mother, sister and wife, they are precious.

“Women are beautiful, irrespective of their shapes and colour,love them,not criticize.”


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